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Intuitive Eating Dietitian


We're so glad you're here!

Hey there!
I'm Stephanie, registered dietitian and practice manager at Food Wonderful. I've spent more than a decade in the wellness industry and, to be honest, I'm over it.

Over it with restrictive diets

Over it with punishing workouts

Over it with body shame

Today's wellness culture is toxic - conditioning us to believe that thinness equals health, that diets equal nutrition. 

Nope. I'm not here for that. 

I believe that wellness should be accessible to everyone. That means building a nutrition plan that works for you - one that's sustainable and includes foods you enjoy. It means engaging in physical activity that's fun and feels good. And it means promoting health behaviors for all bodies regardless of size, shape, or ability.  

Stephanie Fiorentino MS, RD, LDN
Eating Disorder Dietitian
Intuitive Eating
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Alexis Dawn Salima Gonzalez, RD, LDN

I don’t know about you.. but I am exhausted.


I am exhausted of diet culture reaching its grubby little hands into everybody’s life. I am tired of diet culture telling us what we “should or shouldn’t” eat, what we “should or shouldn’t” wear, and what we do and don’t deserve. We’re left feeling unsatisfied, uncomfortable, and heartbroken. Not anymore.

Hi, I’m Alexis! I am a Registered Dietitian with experience working alongside folks recovering from all forms of disordered eating and substance abuse. My nutrition counseling philosophy is one that is evidence-based, Health at Every Size® aligned, and client-centered. My weight neutral approach to medical nutrition therapy will encourage you to find joy in preparing meals consistent with your new version of health. We’ll work together to create an individualized nourishment plan based on food preferences and internal cues like hunger and fullness. Relying on your hunger and fullness cues sounds scary? Don’t worry, with a little help from our structured plan we’ll work together to help you trust your body again. 


My goal is to empower you to make positive and sustainable choices you know will lead to your most meaningful life–  however you may define it.

Hey there! I’m Allison, a Registered Dietitian who is passionate about helping people reclaim their
relationship with food from the hands of diet culture. Diet culture teaches us to associate food with
feelings of guilt and shame. I want to help you learn to associate food with nourishment and satisfaction
while not letting food take up more head space than it needs to.

My clinical interests and areas of expertise include eating disorders (binge eating disorder, anorexia,
ARFID, and bulimia), disordered eating, intuitive eating, body image, and weight-neutral management of
PCOS. I have experience supporting adolescents and adults at the intensive outpatient and outpatient
levels of care for treatment of eating disorders. My approach is rooted in a Health At Every Size ®
framework and is characterized by curiosity, compassion, and honesty. I view each client as an individual
and work with you to find solutions that meet your specific needs.

Changing your relationship with food and your body is hard work, but I believe change is possible, and I
would love to support you in that process.

allison reick dietitian_edited.jpg

Allison Rieck, MS, RD, LDN

Body Image Counseling

it was when i stopped searching for home within others

and lifted the foundations of home within myself

i found there were no roots more intimate

than those between a mind and body

that have decided to be whole

 - rupi kaur

eating disorder dietitian
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