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for people in all bodies

Eating disorders don't discriminate. No matter your body size, age, race, or gender identity - the dietitians at Food Wonderful are here to support you on your journey to meaningful and sustainable recovery. 

Our treatment approach:

The role of the dietitian in eating disorder treatment often functions as a bridge between medical and behavioral management. It may be helpful to think of your care team as a tree – with the branches as your medical providers, the roots as your therapist, and the trunk as your nutrition support.

At Food Wonderful, we’re proud to offer a team of clinicians with advanced training in the medical and behavioral treatment of eating disorders.

Our dietitians have experience managing nutritional rehabilitation (sometimes called “re-feeding”) and tube feeding. We may utilize meal planning and meal support when indicated. And we’ll coordinate with your medical team on laboratory surveillance, supplementation, and medication as appropriate.

While medical management is essential to keep you safe in recovery, we understand that meal planning and lab monitoring alone can’t support meaningful healing. Our team has comprehensive training in therapeutic approaches including motivational interviewing, somatic experiencing, polyvagal theory, trauma informed care, and internal family systems (IFS).  This holistic mind-body approach gently leads clients towards long-term, sustainable recovery.

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It’s not that bad, I’m still eating something everyday

I shouldn’t need help, I have to fix this on my own

I don’t look like I have an eating disorder, no one will believe me

Most folks experiencing disordered eating feel their symptoms aren’t serious enough to warrant seeking help. With so much compassion, we want you to know that if you’re struggling, you deserve support. Even if you don’t have an official diagnosis. Even if your BMI falls into an “o” category.

Eating disorders will bombard you with “you don’t deserve that” or “you don’t really need it” self-talk. But . . . if you’ve read this far, maybe you could use some help?

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Health at Every Size Aligned

Weight based eating disorder treatment is harmful for people of all body sizes. At Food Wonderful, our dietitians are deeply committed to non-stigmatizing care for people at all body sizes.

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Trauma Informed Care

Our team of dietitians recognize that trauma, eating disorders, and other mental illness intersect. We strive to create safety in recovery through our commitment to embodied trauma informed care.

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Recovery. At Your Pace.

Eating disorders are complex and multifactorial. We trust our clients to move through recovery at the pace that is safest for them. We firmly reject the use coercive tactics in eating disorder recovery.


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