Using mindfulness and Intuitive Eating techniques, I'll encourage you to honor your body's needs and eat the foods you truly enjoy. Intuitive Eating promotes relying on internal cues to guide eating (hunger, fullness, and enjoyment) while limiting external factors (diet rules, guilt or fear, and restriction).


If you're unfamiliar with Intuitive Eating, check out these 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating. 

By changing the focus from weight to wellness, my clients are able to heal their relationship with food and their bodies thus making sustainable improvements in their nutrition and health.  Residency restrictions apply.

  • Single session pricing $110 | packages available

  • Sessions are 50-minutes completed via secure telehealth application

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A highly specialized service, Medical Nutrition Therapy is meant to address a specific medical diagnosis. At your request, I can work with your doctor or interdisciplinary team to develop a plan of care that meets your needs and is realistic for your lifestyle. Residency restrictions apply. 

As a registered dietitian I have experience managing:

Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, and PCOS

Heart Disease, Hypertension, and High Cholesterol

Food Allergies and Celiac Disease 

  • Single session pricing $110 | packages available

  • Sessions are 50-minutes completed via secure telehealth application

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Group events are a great way to have a little fun with nutrition. For businesses, healthier employees are more productive and take less time off. Plus they have lower insurance costs!


And for community groups, families, and friends, learning together means you’ll have support to keep you motivated and on track.


Services are completely customizable and may include nutrition services, yoga, meditation  - or anything else we can dream up!

  • Nutrition or wellness lectures | $175.00 for 45min

  • Corporate yoga, mindfulness, and meditation | $125 for 55 minute

  • 1:1 employee counseling available 

  • Get in touch and we’ll develop a plan tailored to your needs





I've been working as a personal trainer for nearly a decade now and I bring the same compassionate touch to my training sessions as I do to my counseling sessions. I focus on functional movements meant to improve core strength and get you sweating. My goal is to design workouts you'll enjoy so that you honestly look forward to our sessions.

Brussels sprouts


When it comes to moving your body in ways that feel good, nothing feels much better than a great yoga practice. Get your toes wet with beginner's yoga, work towards a peak pose, or enjoy some one-on-one attention with a private yoga session.

  • Currently accepting clients for in-home or virtual training & yoga

  • I'll bring the gear! (and plenty of Clorox wipes!)

  • Sessions begin at $85 per hour

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