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Hey there!

Welcome to Food Wonderful,

We're Health at Every Size® aligned registered dietitians specializing in eating disorder recovery, intuitive eating, and non-diet medical nutrition therapy.

We help our clients heal their relationship with food without dieting, using mindfulness and sustainable nutrition changes. 

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Food Wonderful is all about eating delicious, nourishing food - and loving it! It’s about connecting with our food, recognizing how it affects our bodies, and learning how to maintain a balanced lifestyle that's practical for our daily routines.

At Food Wonderful, the goal is to build a sustainable, life-enhancing relationship with food. No restrictive dieting. No body shame. Just satisfying food, joyful movement, and all the support and encouragement you need.


- over -
weight loss

There is so much more to good nutrition and good health than just weight loss. Check in for regular posts on various nutrition topics focused on building a more satisfying and sustainable relationship with food.  

about the practice

I launched Food Wonderful in 2017

I wanted to offer meaningful, evidence based, individualized nutrition care to my clients. I was tired of generic diet handouts and hurried appointments. Tired of doctors recommending weight loss and food restriction. I wanted to support my clients long-term, with sustainable behavior change that empowers and uplifts. 

I am so proud of how this lovely little nutrition practice has grown. Today, Food Wonderful's team of dietitians offer eating disorder treatment, intuitive eating counseling, and weight-neutral medical nutrition therapy. Our practice values are deeply rooted in equity and accessibility.  We support our clients as they pursue their health goals with non-stigmatizing, collaborative care. And we are always Health at Every Size® aligned, LGBTQ+ affirming, and anti-racist.

 - Stephanie 

Practice Manager & Owner

Stephanie Fiorentino Dietitian
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