Stephanie Fiorentino
Hey there!

I'm Stephanie

I’m a Health at Every Size® aligned registered dietitian specializing in eating disorder recovery, intuitive eating, and non-diet medical nutrition therapy.

I help my clients heal their relationship with food without dieting, using mindfulness and sustainable nutrition changes. 

intuitive eating
intuitive eating

food should be


Food Wonderful is all about eating delicious, nourishing food - and loving it! It’s about connecting with our food, recognizing how it affects our bodies, and learning how to maintain a balanced lifestyle that's practical for our daily routines.

At Food Wonderful, the goal is to build a sustainable, life-enhancing relationship with food. No restrictive dieting. No body shame. Just satisfying food, joyful movement, and all the support and encouragement you need.

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Stephanie Fiorentino


call/text: 312.985.7141

500 W Madison St Suite 1000

Chicago, IL 60661