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A collection of favorite books, kitchen tools, nutritious foods, and other good stuff.

Lately, I've found myself recommending the same handful of items over and over again. So I figured I'd compile some of my favorite things here for everyone to access. These are products I use regularly and stand behind, I promise! And if you choose to purchase through the Amazon links on this page, a small portion of your purchase will help to fund the Food Wonderful blog. 

To Read - 

This book has been my faithful guide as I've learned about Intuitive and Mindful Eating practices. Evidenced-based and heavily cited, it serves as an excellent resource for clinicians and patients alike. Complete with a helpful "crash course" to get you started on your Intuitive Eating journey. 

A little about life, a little about nutrition, and lots about mindfulness. I found this latest release from Geneen Roth to be an honest, thought-provoking, and enjoyable read. 

An excellent stand-alone guide to IE or a companion to the complete text. This workbook is loaded with helpful exercises. Examine how diets have failed you in the past. Reconnect with your hunger and fullness cues. And learn new strategies to cope with emotions without using food. 

Full disclosure: I haven't read this one. Even so, Geneen Roth's NYT Best Selling examination of our relationships with food comes highly recommended. Definitely worth adding to your reading list. 


Kitchen - 

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That's me using my very favorite 10.5 in Lodge Cast Iron Skillet. Yes, I have three of these and yes, I regularly use all three. These are my go-to pans and I often prepare entire meals using only these skillets. 

Not gonna lie, I bought these 6 in mini-skillets because I thought they'd be cute in pictures. But as it turns out, they're super useful. They're the perfect size for eggs, cornbread, or my tasty Chipotle Salmon

5 by 7_edited.jpg

So . . . I'm pretty much obsessed with cast iron.

In a kitchen stocked with fancy gadgets,  I often find myself reaching for my cast iron over more expensive cookware. Cast iron takes a little getting used to so here's a few tips:

  • Make sure to use a good amount of oil or butter when cooking with cast iron to prevent food from sticking. (Don't worry, a lot of this oil is absorbed into the pan.) Pans will develop a natural non-stick seasoning over time.

  • Wash cast iron with water and a stiff bristle brush or scraper. Avoid using soap. For tough to clean pans, fill halfway with water and heat to boiling. Stuck on food should loosen after a few minutes. 

  • Lodge Cast Iron pans are pre-seasoned but even so, I like to season pan myself before first use. Wipe pans down with a thin layer of vegetable oil and bake up-side-down in an oven heated to 375 degrees for an hour.

  • For more great tips, visit the Lodge Cast Iron Care and Use page.

I promise the extra effort is totally worth it. These pans will give your food a great finish, they can go on the stove or in the oven, they're super affordable, durable, and versatile, and they provide an easy source of dietary iron. 


I don't know how I ever cooked meat without this probe thermometer. Monitor food temperature without removing it from the oven or set the temperature alert to alarm when food is done. This is a must-have tool for new and experienced cooks alike!

This Braun Multi-Quick tool has been a favorite in my kitchen arsenal for years. With so many functions, I use it almost daily. When my older model burned out (after 8+ years of hard use) I decided to upgrade to the latest version that also includes of a food processor. Shaved Brussels sprouts anyone?!


Food - 


Sprouted grain breads, English muffins, and waffles are loaded with vitamins, protein, and fiber. Food for Life is my preferred brand. Because their products are preservative free, they're stocked in the freezer aisle. Keep your bread frozen and toast up a slice or two whenever you want.  


KIND bars have long been my go-to snack or super quick breakfast. Their nut bars are delicious, low in added sugar, and super filling. 

A friend recently recommended these hot chocolate mixes and I'm obsessed. The "Pick Me Up" is a bit spicy and perfect as a hot afternoon beverage. And the "Chill Out Vibes" is super soothing and perfect before bed. 


Another tasty option at snack time, RX bars are high in protein without the use of processed powders. (Thanks egg whites!) And they come in tasty seasonal flavor too.